Eye of Leo: C

Soloists: Marintha Tewksbury, Christine Bonansea, Rachael Lincoln

Sound: Norman Rutherford

Lights: David Szlasa

Director: Sara Shelton Mann

C is for clown, child, concept, children, criteria, crowd of aspects wanting attention or hidden. C is for Clarity.

3 women, different by nature and skill, create a hide and seek game of consciousness and while moving through their given and developed tendencies they create an architecture with the mind, the body, the space.  A place where symbols and meaning flow outward and curve back into their bodies as an unspoken language or knowing.

This work functions with both a facade and a transparency as its target.  Sometimes a mask cannot be removed. Sometimes a mask may be read as a series of locks and keys into the internal realm of a person.

C is a journey as a puzzle without beginning or end.  It is framed in the present with all time condensed. It is a play upon the thoughts of the body/mind in interaction with the other, that part of the hidden personality – whether it be the sound of the feet running, a cough from a witness, a truck screeching to a halt or the wind rattling the windows.  And so, we tread lightly into the soft tissue, the underbelly.