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“Lincoln and Seiters…both careful and responsive, explore fixed points and freedom of the limbs, directing each other and alternating (who’s) in control”

The triple Dog Dare

Dance Crush

“I am a collaborator by nature. So even if I’m directing, it feels like what is made is because of the people I’m working with, completely”

Rachael LIncoln in Seattle’s Dance Crush Spotlight

11 Comets

“Rachael Lincoln and Jeffery Fracé’s mature and deeply-moving work, 11 Comets, revolved around themes of mortality, loss, and aging… Sublime dancing and acting by Lincoln and Fracé show that these two accomplished faculty members are performing at their prime”

Seattle Dances


“Swinging and hovering in the air, commonplace movements became fresh and difficult skills became even more amazing”

Seattle Dances: Are we superhuman or are we dancer?

an attic an exit

“Longtime collaborators Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters can create a magical world that is part Marceau, part Magritte and all polished craft”

los angeles times: Everything’s ouf ot the ‘attic’

“an attic an exit, makes exquisite sense of an eccentric collection, so that by the end of an hour a stack of dishes, a pair of red plastic doll shoes, and two suit jackets hanging from the ceiling, among other things, are all related”

Seattle Weekly: The Precise ‘an attic, an exit’ Pulls the Audience in Through Objects

“The duet unfolds like a mysterious dream where each image emerges to delight and intrigue”

Seattle Dances: Doorway to dreams

“Out-of-towners blow in like a breath of fresh air when they remind you of things that we forget are possible within our daily lives”

LAist Performance review