Rachael & Leslie

Rachael & Leslie

With over a decade of creating and performing together, Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters explore the potentials of the duet form, mining the format to reveal the complex intersections of how and who we are in relation to what or whom we meet. Their collaborative work integrates influences from contemporary dance, visual art, literary fiction, and theater, evoking moments when movement becomes language, objects become characters, and everyday logic is suspended. Rather than relying on a known process or style, Lincoln and Seiters continue to meet in a collaborative process that uses their long history on the stage and in the studio together to find new ways of working that are specific to the project at hand. This approach supports the company’s mission to present deeply investigated material, resulting in work with a sense of history, internal logic and integrity.

Work by Rachael & Leslie

an attic an exit

an attic an exit is a highly physical duet revealing two characters traveling through five scenes within the confinement of a room. Puzzles and clues are offered and deciphered: hanging suit coats, a recurring precipice, levitating geometry, a trail of flour, and the manipulation of salt, saucers and silverware take the audience on a haunting

Long Playing

Long Playing is inspired by the list of the greatest 150 albums made by women since 1964, compiled by fifty women from across National Public Radio and the public radio system. The list of albums acts as an intervention, a remedy, and a correction of the historical record. Long Playing is an homage to this

May and June

Two imaginative sisters live their entire lives in 11 minutes on a couch Created and Performed by Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters Written by Rachael Lincoln Edited by Cari Ann Shim Sham Videography by RJ Muna Select Screenings include: Velocity’s Next Dance Cinema, Seattle, WA Topanga Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA Dance Camera West, Los